My Latest Book: ‘An Actress in the Dark, and Other Stories’

book cover

I have a new book out on Amazon titled “An Actress in the Dark, and Other Stories.”

Three crime noir tales encompassing the frustration detectives have, the loneliness the job entails and the various people they come across.

An Actress in the Dark follows the story of Nick Powell, a womanizing, lazy private detective who is hired to find out if a rich client’s aunt has been kidnapped or murdered. Or is the bitter and elderly aunt just a miserable old woman?

16 Hours on Christmas surrounds a detective, Larry Lee, who has to work a double shift on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. He comes across an array of cases that make him hang his head in shame. At least he doesn’t have to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” re-runs.

Killing Miracles: A Veronica Rogers Mystery is about a female private detective and her British sidekick partner. They are hired by a woman who thinks her husband is trying to kill her. Is her story legitimate or is she trying to cover up her own devious plans?

You can also check out my other book published late last year: “Climbing Society.”

I’m having a lot of fun lately composing crime noir stories. You should probably expect more of these kinds of stories in the future.

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