“If I could clone ten Andrew Moran’s for my website, I would. Andrew’s articles are consistently the finest writing we publish on our site. His word usage, sentence construction, and grammar are excellent. As well, he is able to craft word pictures that draw in the reader.

Andrew is also very dependable. He always hits his deadline, and unlike many writers, he is not a “needy” author continually hassling my Editorial Staff. His research is thorough, and we have never had even one factual error in his articles. He is, quite frankly, a professional who produces high-quality work for us day in and day out.” – Leesa K. Donner | Editor-in-Chief, LibertyNation.com

“Andrew is a loyal and dedicated contributor to CareerAddict– one of the most resourceful career advice and entertainment websites tailored to job seekers, grads and young working professionals today! Andrew submits an array of well researched, engaging and unique articles to CareerAddict and his portfolio with us demonstrates his success as a contributor on our site. His writing skills are some of the best showcased on CareerAddict and he has a strong following of readers. With excellent research skills and understanding of target audiences through tailored tone of voice writing, Andrew is a respected author on CareerAddict.” – Emma Mackenzie | Editor, CareerAddict

“Andrew has consistently been known to us at Digital Journal as a professional and reliable writer, one who can make complicated issues clear for our readership. He is knowledgeable about many issues, which is an asset in a media landscape calling on a variety of skills and specialties for journalists today.” – David Silverberg | Editor-in-Chief, Digital Journal

“Andrew has written some very high quality articles for us, very thoroughly researched and although he didn’t charge us accordingly I think high enough quality to be published in a newspaper such as the New York Times!” Robert Rawson | CEO, Staff.com and TimeDoctor.com

“Andrew is extremely punctual and reliable, traits that are hard to find in the freelance world. I worked with him on a long-term project and he could always be counted on to do his job promptly and effectively. He’s a team player, and he did a lot to build a friendly and fun-loving team spirit at the project we were working on. I highly recommend Andrew.” – Sam Hoel | Managing Editor, The Conservative Institute

Andrew is great to work with.  He consistently delivers professional, quality writing and always meets a deadline.  His communication with clients is excellent as well.  I highly recommend working with him.” Addison Huegel | Media Director, Elevator PR

“Andrew is a professional and reliable writer that submits high-quality work, whether it’s writing or editing. I look forward to continuing a long-term partnership with Andrew.” – Karine H. | Co-Owner, Nenadseo.com

“I’ve worked with many writers. One in particular stands out for his awesome reliability, communication and writing ability. It’s been a pleasure to work with Andrew and I have no doubt it will continue for many years to come.” – Daniel Guidotti | Internet Entrepreneur

“Andrew is a true professional. I like working with him because he always delivers on time and the quality is top notch.” – Nadav Dakner | Co-Founder & CEO, Inbound Junction

“You won’t find a better writer! Thoroughly impressed with every aspect…from cost, deadline and quality – this guy know’s how to write to the high standard you’re looking for. Thanks again!”  – Adam S. | Internet Marketing Professional, Best Edge SEO

I have worked with Andrew for a long time. Not only does he provide high quality content, but he does it in a very professional manner.  He works independently and efficiently, does his research and delivers on time every time!  Claes Simonsen | Editor, How-Rich.com

“I worked with Andrew for nearly two years at the Toronto Times and he was always a delight to work with. Andrew consistently helped me with my work and he corrected a few typos I would make regularly. He also produced good content and helped keep the Times a professional environment.” – Terrell Bradford | Former Staff Writer at The Toronto Times (defunct).

“Great freelancer!” – Jeremy Bonney | CEO, CoinDesk.

“Great writer! Researches the topic well before writing and gets the job done on time!” – AdFicient

“I have worked with Andrew for over a year with Digital Journal. In that time Andrew has provided me with guidance, leads, tips and support along the way in order to help me develop into a better writer. Andrew himself is an exceptional writer, with a keen eye for news. While that is wonderful for his readers and followers, it is the “other” things that Andrew does that goes beyond being a great journalist. As I said he could look the other way, but when he sees something that helps and is beneficial to another writer he shares as a supportive peer.” – Michael Bearak | Manager of Health, Safety and Environmental at Kaba Ilco.

“Andrew provided first class guest blogging services in a timely manner. I look forward to hiring him again in the near future!” – small business owner via Elance.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrew Moran at Helium News. He is hardworking, timely and has excellent communication skills. Andrew’s editorial and organizational talents are impressive, along with his careful attention to detail. High quality work!” – Leigh Goessl | Editor, Helium Network.

“I’ve worked with Andrew for several years on a variety of writing projects and he always delivers consistently excellent work.  He has been a great asset to my company for its content needs.  It has been, and continues to be, a pleasure to work with him.” – Stephen Otto | Founder, Sovereign Living Solutions

It has been such a wonderful experience working with Andrew. He consistently delivers high-quality writing that exceeds my expectations. In our communication, he demonstrates a great work ethic along with a professional attitude. I am very impressed with Andrew as a writer and I have a lot of confidence in his work.” – Tony, | Marketing Professional

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