My 300th Article at Liberty Nation

Time flies when you’re having fun.

I was looking through my library of content at and I realized that I have already penned 300 articles. That’s quite a bit.

My 300th piece was “The Left Wants to Share Profits – But What About the Losses?

Here is an excerpt:

When Anton Drexler founded the National Socialist German Workers’ Party in February of 1920, he and Adolf Hitler published a 25-point program that consisted of a wide variety of socialist proposals that would radically transform the German economy. The Nazis proposed nationalizing “very big corporations,” abolishing “all income that does not arise from work,” expropriating land from owners without compensation for the common good, and guaranteeing a job for every citizen.

There was another key concept in the Nazi putsch of the 1920s: “Big industrial companies should share their profits with the workers.” Do any of these sound familiar?

In recent years, populations have become increasingly resentful and envious of corporations, executives, and billionaires, and this resentment has been exploited by big government progressives seeking power. And, thus, profit-sharing has turned into a viable public policy prescription for the antipathy and jealousy of the electorate.

Just take a gander at the last few years.

Talking Federal Reserve, Interest Rates, and Trump-Powell Feud

Last week, I appeared on Liberty Nation’s Truth TV to discuss the Federal Reserve, interest rates, and the new feud between President Donald Trump and Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

Skip to 9:30 for my segment.

By the way, at the end of my interview I made an error. I said rate hikes will be double-digits, but I meant to say interest rates will be double-digits. My apologies for the error.

A New Saul Alinsky Series for Liberty Nation (Updated)

Liberty Nation has assigned me a new weekly series about Saul Alinsky and his 12 rules from his 1971 seminal book, Rules for Radicals.

The series looks at how the left is using Alinsky’s rules for dominate politics, pummel the right into submission, and win the culture war.

This has been an interesting series for me thus far, and I am looking forward to completing nine (the third installment will be published this week).

Here are the parts so far (updates will be here):

Rule 1: The Democrats Love Affair With Saul Alinsky: Part 1

Rule 2: Saul Alinsky: Will The Left Ever Leave The Bubble?

Rule 3: Leftist Love Affair With Saul Alinsky: Divide And Conquer

Rule 4: Alinksy, The Left, And Conservative Intelligence

Rule 5: Ridicule: Alinsky’s Political Weapon

Rule 6: Idiot’s Guide To Protesting: Get Drunk And Scream

Rule 7: Saul Alinsky: Russia, Racism, Repeat – Media Develops The Narrative

Rule 8: Saul Alinsky: No Need for Facts

Rule 9: Trump is Literally Hitler, Republicans Are the Spawn of Satan

Rule 10: The Bigger the Lie the More Will Believe It

Rule 11: Saul Alinsky: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Debating the Practicality of Anarcho-Capitalism

Over at Liberty Nation, I debate fellow author Onar Am about the practicality of anarcho-capitalism, a branch of libertarianism that advocates abolishing the state in favor of a capitalist society.

Here is an excerpt:

Andrew Moran: The libertarian movement contains various schools of thought: monarchism, voluntaryism, paleolibertarianism, and deontological libertarianism. But there is no other branch of libertarianism that is as controversial and widely debated as anarcho-capitalism (AnCap).

The concept, which was first coined by economist Murray Rothbard in the mid-20th century, proposes abolishing a centralized state, or the government in general, and substitute it with free markets and private property. Ultimately, AnCap embraces the universal non-aggression principle (NAP).

Under an AnCap society, there wouldn’t be a government that provides roads, courts, fire departments, police forces, or even the military. These are services that would be provided for by the free-enterprise system. Rather than rely on the local authorities to protect your home from unscrupulous individuals, you can hire a business that ensures your home is well secured. Or, instead of depending on civil servants to construct and maintain roads, a private company can do it – either hired to perform this task or a company will pave the asphalt to attract customers to its store.

You can read more here.

Talking to Walter Block About Trump, Trade, and Tariffs

For, I recently spoke with the eminent libertarian economist Walter Block, who is the author of “Defending the Undefendable” and “Water Capitalism.”

He recently published an op-ed in The New York Times, titled “Trump’s Fake Fix for a Bad Economic Policy.”

Here is an excerpt from my piece:

Work, not welfare. This is the message emanating from American farmers after President Donald Trump and his administration recently announced a $12 billion bailout package for agricultural producers. Industry leaders, public officials, and trade associations are encouraging the president to abandon his trade war and grant farmers access to foreign markets.

Legendary economist Walter Block agrees with this sentiment, writing in The New York Times that “using tax dollars to bailout farmers” will not strengthen the national economy. Block has joined the growing chorus of economists from all schools in opposing the White House’s protectionist policies, arguing that it will only hurt Americans and leave behind scores of victims.

Block, the author of Defending the Undefendable, spoke with Liberty Nation about his op-ed titled “Trump’s Fake Fix for a Bad Economic Policy,” tariffs, international trade, and the 2018 mid-term elections.

You can read more here.