My Epoch Times Interview with Judy Shelton

Up until President Joe Biden reversed his predecessor’s decision not to nominate her to the Federal Reserve, I had regularly written about Judy Shelton her views and a potential seat at one of the most powerful institutions on the planet.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when I was asked to interview Ms. Shelton for The Epoch Times.

She was definitely a great interviewee, offering plenty of insight.

Here is the article: Judy Shelton: Fed Can Only ‘Kill the Economy’ With ‘Whatever It Takes’ Approach

Swamponomics TV: Small Businesses, Inflation with Carol Roth

This past week, I had the pleasure and opportunity to interview author and television personality Carol Roth.

She was a delightful person to speak to for Liberty Nation’s Swamponomics videocast and definitely on my top five list of people I have interviewed over the years.

Here are parts one and two:

A two-part series will also be published on the pages of