EarnForex.com: The End of an Era

Five years ago, I started writing for EarnForex.com, contributing a daily commodities article. After a year, I started writing news content about foreign exchange markets. Last year, I began a Commodities Week in Review series and launched a Commodities Corner column.

All good things must come to an end.

After some behind the scenes decision, I will no longer be writing for EarnForex.com.

It has been a wonderful experience and the team has been great since my first day. I would like to publicly thank everyone involved in the website / publication.

Perhaps I will make my return one day. Until then, you can still find me writing about commodities and forex at FXDailyReport.com.

My In-Depth Coverage of Turkey’s Tumult

Since last spring, I have been reporting on Turkey’s financial crisis. It has been an interesting situation for a myriad of reasons, so much so that I have covered it twice for my Swamponomics videocast. In addition to my weekly program, I have published a couple of featured pieces on the story. Here is a list of my in-depth coverage without my common news reports.

Will Coronavirus Prove Fatal For Turkey’s Economy?

Lira Crashes As Turkey Fires Orthodox Central Bank Chief

Turkish Lira Crashes on Erdogan Firing Third Central Bank Chief in a Year

Buy Me A Coffee?

I often don’t take any interest in cyber begging and trying to get strangers to donate money to me.

However, I did come across a new service called Buy Me A Coffee.

Since I’m up 18 to 20 hours a day, I drink about four to five cups of java a day.

Every cup helps. So if you want to donate a few bucks so I can buy coffee at Tim Hortons, it is much appreciated. If you enjoy my work at Liberty Nation or Earn Forex or anywhere else, the coffee helps!

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A New EarnForex.com Column: Commodities Corner

Over at EarnForex.com’s commodities section, I have a new weekly column called Commodities Corner.

Each week, I dive into five hot commodities and discuss the driving fact for their price movement and look into its near- or long-term trajectory.

In my debut column, I discussed platinum, natural gas, corn, crude oil, and iron ore.

Here is the article: Commodities Corner: Middle East Tensions, Winter Blues Lift Energy Prices