My Favourite Articles of 2019

What a year it has been.

New home. Twins are already 18 months. A lot of work. Boston Red Sox missed the postseason. Quite the year.

I was also recently named Best Beat Correspondent for Liberty Nation. My boss, Leesa Donner, is simply the best. The best one I’ve ever had.

This year was really focused entirely on economics, thanks to the trade war, monetary policy, and the booming U.S. economy and sluggish global economy.

So, here are my favourite Liberty Nation articles from 2019 (I know, I know. I’m a bit late on this one):

Paul Krugman’s Ping-Pong Polemics

LN In-Depth: The Real Cost Of Reparations

On The Cusp Of The One-World Currency?

Vanilla Prices Prove Karl Marx Was Wrong

A Reasoned And Historic Argument Against Tariffs

Economic Zombie Virus Coming To A Superpower Near You

Are 100-Year Bonds The Greatest Swindle In ZIRP World?

China: A Paper Tiger In A Fragile Economy

The Berlin Wall — Doomed By Simple Economics

The Death of Anna Karina – Her Best Film

I was listening to the 96.3 Classical FM this morning when I heard that French film legend Anna Karina passed away from cancer. This was surprising because I had not seen the news anywhere on the web either the day before or in the morning.

She will be missed. But she will not be forgotten.

Karina was a talented actress and had the look for cinema. I have only seen a handful of her pictures, but I can say with confidence that her greatest movie of all time was “My Life to Live.”

Her performance was compelling, poignant, and deep. She was a lost soul, a philosopher itching to break free from from the poor decisions she made. While it was superbly directed, written, and photographed, Karina made that film for what it was.

Here is my favorite scene from the picture. It was simple but riveting.

A December Update

What? The year is already coming to an end? You can’t be serious.

Well, we are in December and we shall ring in 2020 soon. When you endure the same routine day in and day out, life can pass you by pretty quickly. Soon, I will be turning 32 – where did all that time go?

Anyway, here are some things I have written about over the last month and where some have been picked up:

Liberty Nation

Career Addict

Starting Business

Random Places

Media Appearances


Due to scheduling, it has been difficult to update my personal blog. Before things get too out of hand, here are some updates.

1) I have started writing content for Starting Business, a corporate services company that offers everything from legal document templates to blogs to content. Here is my first article: “How to Create a Mission Statement For Your Business.”

2) My recent appearance on LN Radio, discussing the Federal Reserve, the economy, and President Donald Trump:

3) Liberty Nation will soon have a full launch of its sister website, LN Gen Z. It is geared toward elementary, middle school, and high school students. Here are three pieces talking about the minimum wage

4) A few links to republished content of mine:

5) The Boston Red Sox will unlikely make it to the postseason.

6) Yes, my LN photo has changed to a screenshot from my appearance on RT a couple of years ago. My prefer my old one: I was younger and I had more muscles. Now, I’m older and weaker!