New Book: A Dad’s Real Guide to Surviving Twins

I have a new ebook out, titled “A Dad’s Real Guide to Surviving Twins: 61 Random Tips to Raise Your Blessings.”

After six months of being a father to twins, I think I have collected some helpful knowledge to share to expecting parents and those who have just brought their kids into the world.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning:

We are broken. After six months, we can admit that we are broken.

It was another Sunday in paradise when my twin daughter decided that she would begin her day three hours before her usual wakeup time. This decision to start crying at 4:45 a.m. was made the night we went to bed at midnight and rose from our limited slumber twice: once to feed and change twin A and another to feed and change twin B. Following about 90 minutes of playing, fussing, and crying, she became tired and demanded to go to sleep. As she returned to her crib, it was her brother’s turn to be fed and to begin his day, only to stay awake for an hour or so and take a nap.

This is now what Sundays look like in the Moran household. It is a far cry from what it was a year ago, two years ago, or five years ago. Sleeping until 10 a.m., having breakfast, chatting about a diverse array of topics, cleaning our fortress of solitude, spending hours reading murder mysteries, and then preparing our dinner to ensure we will eat our meal in time for Glenn Woodcock’s Sunday night big band show on Jazz FM 91. No matter the weather, a constitutional 30-minute stroll was always in the schedule. That’s how our Sundays were like.

When we discovered we were having twins, we did not have feelings of consternation like so many other families we have come across. Our relationship was solid, I was a patient man with a great career, and my wife was ready to be a mother. And that was the first mistake we made: not being overwrought.

For months, we romanticized what it would be like to have twins. The cuddling during our weekly movie night, the walks around the neighborhood, the pleasant aura of babies adding even more love to our humble abode. This is what we envisioned. It took only a month or two for reality to settle in.

Perhaps if it is popular enough I will take the time to extend it and publish in paperback.

Andrew Moran on Zero Hedge (updated)

I am a big fan of Zero Hedge, the ultra-popular alternative financial news website – except for the rampant anti-Semitism in the comments section.

Over the past year, the website has featured several of my articles from Liberty Nation.

I’ve done this for a living for about a decade, but my work has never been seen on such a wide scale as on ZH, as well as LN and The Mises Institute.

Here are links to my content posted on ZH:

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Debate: Is Tech Killing Jobs?

This past week, I participated in a series of debates with the great Mark Angelides, managing editor at Liberty Nation. We discussed the question, “Is tech killing jobs?”

The debate started after I proposed a piece dissecting Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson and his idea to bank driverless trucks on the road to save jobs.

My premise is that this is the lump of labor fallacy and that we should be embracing automation – or, at the very least, let the market dictate if artificial intelligence is the way of the future.

We also took our debate to the radio with Tim Donner.

Here are the links:

Point-Counterpoint – Is Tech Killing Jobs? Part I

Point-Counterpoint – Is Tech Killing Jobs? Part II

LN Radio 12/2/18 – Mueller And Russia Collusion Are BAAACK

Why Socialism Failed: A New Liberty Nation Weekly Series (updated)

Now that my weekly Saul Alinsky series has come to an end, I have been assigned a new weekly series, titled “Why Socialism Failed.”

I explore the various nations throughout history that experimented with socialism and how these attempts failed. I have done these pieces so far:

Unsure what my next focus will be, but be sure to keep a look out at Liberty Nation.

I will update this post with links.