Is using the hand of government for bitcoin thefts justified?

Are Warren Buffett’s comments regarding bitcoin a sign he’s outdated?

Bank of Montreal shuts down bitcoin-related business accounts in Canada

Estonia Central Bank Warns Bitcoin Could Act as a Ponzi Scheme

Ron Paul on Cryptocurrencies: I Support Competing Currencies


Bank of England: Bitcoin, other digital currencies pose risk to British economy

Citi notes miners, merchants keeping bitcoin prices low

Visa CEO: We could facilitate bitcoin payments in the future

Swedish central bank espouses the benefits of bitcoin, virtual currencies

World Bank report says bitcoin may be a ‘naturally occurring’ Ponzi

Economic Collapse News

Janet Yellen: Fed can’t regulate bitcoin but ‘we’re looking at this’

The world’s first Bitcoin ATM coming to Cyprus amid economic collapse

Ron Paul: Bitcoin could be ‘the destroyer of the dollar’

Will bitcoins go down as the second-largest Ponzi scheme in history? Gary North says yes

Argentines flocking to bitcoins as safe haven from peso inflation


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