My Interview with Mark Angelides About China

Once a month, I record special editions of my Swamponomics videocast, interviewing guests about a particular topic.

My latest interview was with Liberty Nation Managing Editor Mark Angelides, regarding China and its new three-children policy.

I recently reported on the news and thought it would be an interesting segment for this month’s special installment.

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Five years ago, I started writing for, contributing a daily commodities article. After a year, I started writing news content about foreign exchange markets. Last year, I began a Commodities Week in Review series and launched a Commodities Corner column.

All good things must come to an end.

After some behind the scenes decision, I will no longer be writing for

It has been a wonderful experience and the team has been great since my first day. I would like to publicly thank everyone involved in the website / publication.

Perhaps I will make my return one day. Until then, you can still find me writing about commodities and forex at