Think Liberty Ep. 7: Trump-Putin Summit & More

In episode seven of Think Liberty, I discuss the recent summit between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin and how it triggered the unholy alliance of the left, the media, and the neoconservatives.

Here is the video:

Please note, this was part of an unpublished interview I did, so I decided to use this for a Think Liberty episode.

Sic Semper Tyrannis: The Uprising of the Common Man has a new book out titled “Sic Semper Tyrannis: The Uprising of the Common Man.”

I was one of several authors to contribute to the book.

Here is what the project is about:

Conservative news and commentary on today’s issues, seen through the lens of applied liberty. Liberty Nation authors don’t just report the news, they explain why it matters to you. Engaging and thought-provoking, this collection of articles navigates the reader through the many and varied aspects of tyranny in America today. Ultimately, Sic Semper Tyrannis reveals why true power in a Republic is and always should be – in the hands of the people.

Tyrannical governments, corporate corruption, globalist elites. These are the words that engulf modern America and create an aura of fear and victimhood.

A relentless legacy of betrayal and tyranny define the roots of political parties that are controlled by money-men who use the democratic process as a tool with which to wield and exercise power that should rightly be in the hands of the people.

Liberty Nation presents a unique series of articles from a range of writers, journalists, and analysts that examine not just the tyrannical elements of the past, but those that are hidden behind the veil of respectability in the modern age.

Sic semper tyrannis is a collection of writings that examine globalism, American politics, the tyranny of the far left, and how even today, when we are held up as the bastion of freedom and liberty, we are being slowly enslaved by a divisive and wanton agenda.


Reviews for ‘The War on Cash’

I wrote The War on Cash a couple of years ago and it appears people are quite interested in the subject – now more than ever.

I was recently combing through the reviews of the book and there were some interesting comments that I’m posting here:

“People have already become accustomed to buying with credit and/or debit cards. At points of sale one observes fewer and fewer cash transactions. Governments and banks are encouraging citizens to go further in that direction by giving up cash as a means of purchase. Scandinavian countries have already begun to move in that direction. Though in some countries (The USA for instance) citizens still want cash to be available, the trend appears to be towards a cashless society.

Governments encourage the move, giving as reasons that it is easier to pay electronically, and it cuts down on money laundering and tax evasion. The author points out that a cashless society becomes one that is more under the thumb of Gov’t. control and Gov’t. invasion of privacy. Mr. Moran advises readers to become more serious about saving and using cash rather than cards (or electronic devices) in their everyday transactions. By using cash the buyers avoid having the Gov’t. and others being privy to what buyers are doing and where they are doing it.

This pamphlet carries a message that should be required reading. Some will say that keeping and using cash causes the holders to be subject to loss by robbery and burglary. But having money cards and devices that are subject to being stolen and used fraudulently is just as much of a risk in the opinion of this reviewer. Others will believe that their Gov’t. would never use its power to (such as) automatically empty people’s bank accounts while giving as reason that it was necessary for public safety and the defense of the nation. This reviewer suggests that those who innocently allow a Gov’t. to gain too much control over their lives, will find their lives to be much less pleasant than they had been.”

“Nothing new here if you’ve been following the topic, but for those who haven’t it should be eye-opening. For all the apparently good reasons to abandon cash, it follows that the “cashless” sacrifice freedom and privacy, at the very least. Those who depend on cash for a little income (e.g. panhandlers, yard- and garage-sale folks, Facebook ***Deals, etc.) would be left out. What are they supposed to do? Carry smart phones and card readers? The banks would make out like bandits, charging the consumer and business for every transaction.

I recommend the book for the curious. It’s short, easy to read, and to the point.”

“Given that most of what was derailed I’m this book is seen or experienced every day, it is done in silos and so the regular person doesn’t conceptualize the entire picture. Thus book bought it all together!”

“The book War on Cash by Andrew Moran provides an interesting insight into the cashless world. The author outlines the history of cash, its many benefits and talks about how, despite technological advancements and the infiltration of credit cards, debit cards and even digital currencies, cash continues to the safest, simplest and most effective monetary instrument. He also talks about the role technology has played in the demise of cash and how we are moving towards a cashless society simply because of government policies, banks and the millennials who are shunning it in favor of plastic. Overall, this is an excellent read and provides an interesting perspective of retaining cash as the primary mode of carrying out financial transactions.”

I am grateful for these kind reviews.

For those making a comment about the length, I do plan on writing a second longer book on the topic. I am currently working on a book now, so once that is done then hopefully I can immediately start penning a second one.

Also, I noticed someone selling a copy for $900. I’m deeply flattered that someone thinks it is worth that much!

June 7 is the Ontario Election – Be Sure to Check Out My Book

Ontario voters are just days away until the provincial election. The polls suggest that Andrea Horwath and the New Democrats are in a neck-and-neck race with Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives.

But what about Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals? They are lagging behind in third place with around 20 percent support.

Still unsure who to cast a ballot for? Well, if you’re still considering Premier Kathleen Wynne and the grits, be sure to check out my book “Reasons to Vote for Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals.”

You can comb through all of the aspects of her tenure.

I guarantee you’ll get a kick out of it!