My Epoch Times Interview with Judy Shelton

Up until President Joe Biden reversed his predecessor’s decision not to nominate her to the Federal Reserve, I had regularly written about Judy Shelton her views and a potential seat at one of the most powerful institutions on the planet.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when I was asked to interview Ms. Shelton for The Epoch Times.

She was definitely a great interviewee, offering plenty of insight.

Here is the article: Judy Shelton: Fed Can Only ‘Kill the Economy’ With ‘Whatever It Takes’ Approach

Swamponomics TV: Small Businesses, Inflation with Carol Roth

This past week, I had the pleasure and opportunity to interview author and television personality Carol Roth.

She was a delightful person to speak to for Liberty Nation’s Swamponomics videocast and definitely on my top five list of people I have interviewed over the years.

Here are parts one and two:

A two-part series will also be published on the pages of

Swamponomics: My Interview with Economist Daniel J. Mitchell

I recently interviewed the great economist Daniel J. Mitchell.

I’ve watched and read this gentleman’s content for years.

It was truly a pleasure listening to him talk for an episode of Swamponomics.

Here is the full interview (MemberZone).

Here are two articles:

Exclusive: Daniel Mitchell On The Keynesian Invasion – Part 1

Exclusive: Daniel Mitchell Pages Fiscal Conservatives – Part 2

My Predictions That Came True

It is remarkable to see everything unfold so rapidly in real time.


Oil prices.


Digital money.

There is so much happening that it can be challenging for many of us to grasp, especially with how busy we all are.

After having a conversation with one of my colleagues, I realized that many of the trends occurring today were predicted in some of my articles since COVID-19.

Here are a few of the predictions that came true:

March 2020: Brace For The COVID-19 Inflation Tsunami

April 2020: How Negative Interest Leads To Double-Digit Rates

May 2020: Will COVID-19 Reset The Global Monetary Order?

October 2020: Is A Federal Reserve Digital Currency Frankenstein Economics? – Swamponomics

March 2021: Is $100 Oil Next? – Swamponomics

And, of course, many of the digital money developments happening were predicted in my 2015 book “The War On Cash.”

Swamponomics TV: My Interview with Ipek Ozkardeskaya

In a special edition of Liberty Nation’s Swamponomics TV, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ipek Ozkardeskaya, the senior analyst at Swissquote.

Ever since learning she does videos, I have wanted to interview her since she writes entertaining morning research notes on the markets.

I received many different notes and read comments from analysts and strategists, and she is certainly informative and enjoyable.

Here is the interview: