‘When I’m Growing Old’ – a New Play


After two months, I have finally finished a brand new three-act play entitled “When I’m Growing Old.”

It’s a story of Charlotte, a married woman in her late-50s who is sick and tired of living a life of mediocrity and stagnation. Charlotte has been married for most of her life, something she regrets very much. During her 30-plus-year marriage, she has given up her career in journalism, had two children and a secret she and her husband, John, have kept from their two kids, Annette and Max.

I’ll be giving my wife a copy of the play to gain her insights (she is an excellent copyeditor and a keen eye for storytelling). If you know anyone who is interested in producing a play or is holding a contest then please pass on my information (a_moran3@yahoo.ca).

For the next few months, I’ll be working diligently to get this play out there as I feel it’s my best play ever written (I’ve written several before). If not then I’ll just self-publish it as a book on Amazon.

P.S. I’ll be working on a new play this month.


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