Christmas Promotion 2015: 3 for $50


It seems today it can never be too early for Christmas…

Starbucks released its holiday cups last week, the radio is filled with Christmas ads and our weekly flyers have holiday imagery left, right and centre! Indeed, it can be very, very nauseating. I’d rather watch Lizabeth Scott act than hear another Christmas ad (classic film reference).

Whatever the case, do you need any holiday content for your blog, website or digital newspaper? Do you want to give your readers tips on how to spend as little as possible on Christmas gifts or how to schedule your study sessions during the two-week vacation?

No matter what content you need, you can hire me to complete your writing assignments. From Nov. 16 until Dec. 18, all new clients can receive a special deal of three articles for $50.

Here are the details:

  • Article length must be between 500 and 950 words.
  • You must be a new client who I’ve never worked with before.
  • You receive one free edit, any other edits will be an extra $5.
  • The $50 is in USD.
  • A partial PayPal fee of $1 will be added to each order.

If interested, you can contact me at

Happy Festivus!


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