My Latest Book: ‘The War on Cash’


I have a new book out for Economic Collapse News. It’s called “The War on Cash,” an ebook about how governments, banks and central banks are trying to kill cash.

Here is the description:

“Consumers’ use of cash continues to decline all over the world, while financial minds argue the obliteration of physical money. Governments, banks and economists want to eliminate cash altogether, citing concerns over illicit activities. But what’s the real motive behind the war on cash, and why should you be worried? We dive into why the elite want cash gone, what technologies are replacing it and how you can protect yourself in this global financial war.”

You can get it for $0.99. If you sign up for ECN’s daily newsletter, you can download it for free. It should be available for a physical copy soon.

One thought on “My Latest Book: ‘The War on Cash’

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