My Favorite Films of the Great Max Von Sydow

In all the madness on Black Monday – coronavirus, the market meltdown, and a global oil price war – we lost one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema: Max Von Sydow.

The Swedish thespian had an extensive and eclectic body of work that highlighted talent and grace unmatched by most actors today. He was truly one of the greatest European actors of all time.

What is somewhat disappointing is that a lot of the coverage notes of his appearance in Star Wars or the lead in The Exorcist, while dismissing his huge resume from back in the day. But that is a minor gripe because at least his death captured international headlines and was even the top trend on Twitter.

So, here are my five favorite Max Von Sydow films:

  • The Seventh Seal
  • Through A Glass Darkly
  • Shame
  • Hannah and Her Sisters
  • The Exorcist

I would also add Winter Light to the list, but his part only lasts a few minutes. Of course, those few minutes were truly remarkable.

Also, here is a personal favorite of mine: Max Von Sydow in the Woody Allen classic:

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