Due to scheduling, it has been difficult to update my personal blog. Before things get too out of hand, here are some updates.

1) I have started writing content for Starting Business, a corporate services company that offers everything from legal document templates to blogs to content. Here is my first article: “How to Create a Mission Statement For Your Business.”

2) My recent appearance on LN Radio, discussing the Federal Reserve, the economy, and President Donald Trump:

3) Liberty Nation will soon have a full launch of its sister website, LN Gen Z. It is geared toward elementary, middle school, and high school students. Here are three pieces talking about the minimum wage

4) A few links to republished content of mine:

5) The Boston Red Sox will unlikely make it to the postseason.

6) Yes, my LN photo has changed to a screenshot from my appearance on RT a couple of years ago. My prefer my old one: I was younger and I had more muscles. Now, I’m older and weaker!

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