Top 10 Business, Market, and Economic Stories of 2017

Well, that was fast – or was it? Perhaps it depends on your point of view.

It was a busy 2017 for business, markets, and economics. Billion-dollar acquisitions, anti-speech universities crumbling, and the Trump administration needing a necessary economics lesson. A lot happened.

Over at Liberty Nation, I wrote about the top 10 business, markets, and econ stories of 2017 in the United States.

Here is a brief rundown:

– Bitcoin
– Stock market
– GOP tax plan
– Jerome Powell
– U.S. debt
– U.S. shale revolution
– M&A activity
– Anti-speech universities
– Household debt
– Labor market

Read more here.

(I’ll be sure to write about the top underreported econ stories of 2017 at Economic Collapse News.)

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