A Libertarian, Non-Interventionist Look at U.S. Foreign Policy

I am designated as the Economics Correspondent at LibertyNation.com, but I regularly opine on foreign policy. Since being hired by the website this past spring, I have criticized neoconservatives, the Democrats, President Donald Trump, NATO and many other individuals and entities.

One of my foreign policy articles landed me a spot on RT’s “CrossTalk” in July, which was my very first television appearance.

After taking a look through my catalogue of news stories, op-eds and analytical pieces on LN, I decided to list my foreign policy articles here for future reference, or if anyone wants to republish or discuss the content.

Here they are:

Is NATO a Cult That Needs to be Disbanded?

Neocons and The Left Both Want War

U.S. Sanctions Pave Road to War

War is Alive and Well Under Trump Administration

Happy Birthday CIA, Well Maybe Not

Facebook Taps Neo-Conservative Outlets as Fake News Fact-Checkers

The Neocons’ African ‘Adventures’

Are the New Cuba Restrictions Going to Work?

Proposed Foreign Aid Cuts Merely a Good Start

Iranians Fight in Streets While Neocons and Journos Beat War Drums

I will try to update this post as much as I can.

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