Jan. 1 – Jan. 31 – In the news

Monopoly board

Economic Collapse News

10 frightening facts about America’s declining standard of living since leaving the gold standard

U.S. still headed toward economic collapse as debt to grow 200% of GDP

U.S. celebrates 100th anniversary of the income tax on Feb. 3

U.S. Postal Service losing federal government contracts to FedEx, UPS

Economic collapse leads global unemployment to hit 202 million, ILO projects

Report: Oregon Gov. wants to double movie subsidies in economic collapse

Nine reasons why politicians will cause an economic collapse

Studies find higher debt loads among younger generation, indication of economic collapse

Ben Bernanke: Abolish the debt ceiling because it has no value to U.S.

Republican-controlled states could cut or end state income, corporate taxes

Seven reasons why the U.S. will never pay down the debt

Poll: Americans think government could trigger economic collapse, default on debt

Former CBO Director: $1 trillion platinum coin has ‘all the implications of near-default’

10 economic fallacies that have led to the economic collapse in America

Global Gold News

Indian government to hike import duty on gold, platinum to six percent

Illinois looking to register gold and silver transactions in legislation

Germany planning to repatriate gold from New York Fed, French central bank

World Gold Council: Gold demand to rise in global transition to multi-currency reserve system

Selling gold to deal with debt ceiling crisis being talked about

Digital Journal

Ex-felon Conrad Black to host current events TV show for zoomers

Canada’s top one percent paid 21.2% of all federal, prov. taxes

Amazon toy page garners dozens of anti-Obama drone ‘reviews’

Has your financial institution’s caller ID been ‘spoofed’?

In tough economy angel investors still itching to help startups

Gallup: Obama had third worst approval rating in modern history

Study suggests Gamma-ray burst may have hit Earth in 8th century

Are LinkedIn, Monster killing the recruitment industry?

Poll: More Canadians say they can’t afford to save or invest

Rand Paul accuses Obama of acting like a ‘king’ over Exec. Orders

Hasbro pegs new question: Which ‘Monopoly’ game piece should go?

Will the Internet, Google ever kill search engine optimization?

New York Times writer wants U.S. to ‘give up on the Constitution’


Oh, Cluck! Prices of chicken wings increase during Super Bowl weekend

Here’s Looking at You Cinema: The best black and white films

Blue Monday: The saddest, most depressing day of the year


Avis Acquires Zipcar for $500M

China PMI Posts 19-month High in December

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