Nov. 27 – Dec. 16 – In the news

Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney

Digital Journal

High Canadian debt levels soar, Q3 hits all-time record at 164%

Study: Adults spend £20,000 on Christmas over 50-year period

Op-Ed: Is this the worst Christmas tree in the history of the holidays?

Fox News reporter attacked by Michigan union protesters at rally

Mark Carney: Interest rate hike warnings being heard by Canadians (video)

Op-Ed: In Defense of Liberty – Ending the drug war to protect freedom

Global Trends 2030: Conflicts for water, superhumans the norm

Cape Cod Times editors discover journalist fabricated sources

Top Republican official slams DHS for wasteful zombie training

Op-Ed: From Pedophiles to Murder – The top five films of Fritz Lang

Famed investor Jim Rogers: ‘I’d rather buy silver than gold’

Op-Ed: President Obama will bomb Syria through the guise of WMDs

CFIB: Five extra public sector sick days costing $3.5 billion/yr

Poll: Majority of young Americans want government to do more

Wild Man Blues – The 10 best films of Woody Allen’s career

Rand Paul: GOP will become ‘old dinosaur’, needs libertarianism

Op-Ed: I have one wish this Christmas, Santa Claus: No gifts, please

Absenteeism of city workers costing Windsor $5 million each year

Economic Collapse News

Peter Schiff: Federal Reserve to put dollar over currency cliff with QE4

11 reasons why Austrian Economics is superior to Keynesianism

U.S. government posts historic November budget deficit of $172 billion

American Eagle gold coin sales jump in November due to financial collapse fears

Bank of Canada head warns of household debt could lead to interest rate hikes (video)

Food stamp use in U.S. during economic collapse hits another high in September

23 reasons Americans need to get out of the dollar and buy gold now

U.S. printed three billion $100 bills, up 100% since 2007 financial collapse

Collapse in U.S. economy leads to higher youth unemployment, more part-time jobs

Report: Capitalism, socialism most looked up words for 2012 (blog)

Economic collapse turning indebted college students into strippers

Who do you trust? New poll finds Congressmen, car salesmen least trustworthy (blog)

Entitlement Cliff – GAO warns changes to Social Security, Medicare ‘must be taken’

Bidding Farewell: Top five Ron Paul moments that changed U.S. politics (blog)

Study finds median family wealth is at 43-year low in U.S. collapse

U.S. nears next economic collapse as debt ceiling reaches limit soon

Dollar collapse possible as other currencies compete for world reserve status

Taxing the rich will not stop financial collapse, inflation: economic experts

Black Friday spending to hasten collapse of U.S. economy

Canada’s national debt passes $600 billion mark, interest hits $31 billion per year (blog)


How the $16 trillion national debt is crippling your personal finances

Impoverished in the West: How the so-called poor can live a lavish lifestyle

The Impulse Shopper: Five simple methods to reduce impulse spending this Christmas

A Fiscal Leader – Teaching your children how to be wise with money

Feeding the Christmas Pig: Five tips to make extra cash during the holidays

Save like Scrooge, live like Donald Trump – Saving on the little things

Devils & Defecation: The five weirdest Christmas traditions around the world

The Christmas Budget: How to be Santa Claus on a tight budget using five tips

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