Oct. 8 – Oct. 21 – In the news

Mitt Romney’s five-point plan won’t solve the ailing U.S. economy, government mess

U.S. welfare spending hits $1 trillion, up 32% in last four years

French President wants homework ban as part of education reforms

Report: Two-thirds of college seniors graduated in 2011 with $27k in student loan debt

Proroguing Queen’s Park ‘not first choice’, ministers mull run (video)

Ontario to tackle narcotics addiction with $15 million initiative

Mitt Romney takes jab at former President Bush over the bloated budget deficit

Congress, NFL top government waste in annual Waste Book report

Op-Ed: The sad, pitiful legacy of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty

‘Citizen Astronomers’ discover planet, PH1, with four-star system

In Photos: Autumn – Time of reflection, prelude to Old Man Winter

U.S. retail sales up 1.1 percent, household debt highest since 2008

Why a Democratic or Republican administration’s foreign policy would further cripple U.S. economy

RNC publishes Internet ad of Joe Biden ‘Laughing at the Issues’

Peaceful Toronto free speech event goes on without Terry Jones (videos)

Government watchdog report finds $1.1 million in wasteful spending on yo-yos, pens

Cook County mulls violence tax on guns, ammunition sales to curb costs, crime

Op-Ed: Top five vice presidential debate moments in U.S. TV history

Socialist gov’t policies in France lead to mass exodus indicators

Ed Broadbent calls for more taxes to battle income gaps in Canada

Lights, Camera & Action: How Hollywood has fallen since the Golden Age

Donald Trump accuses Obama administration of skewing job numbers

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