Oct. 1 – Oct. 7 – In the news

Op-Ed: Why the free market can save Big Bird if Mitt Romney is elected

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says the administration does want to raise taxes

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy mulling run in 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Toronto fans, signs ‘Total Recall’ (video)

French taxpayers on the hook to pay for 100% of abortion costs

Op-Ed: Top 10 presidential debate moments in United States history

Ross Perot: ‘Last thing I ever want to see is U.S. taken over’

90 percent of American households could see their taxes rise significantly in 2013

Slate of taxes, fees recommended to pay for Toronto area transit

Mitt Romney’s various stances on foreign policy over four years

New Jersey Democrat’s bill proposes pets to buckle up in vehicle

New electronics green fee in Quebec starts; taxes TVs, printers

YouTube to livestream presidential, vice-presidential debates

United Kingdom minimum wage set to rise for adults over 21 years old

Beverages: The secret profit makers for fast food restaurants

Seventh Heaven: The top seven worst fast food items for your body

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