Jun. 11 – Jun. 24 – In the news

Unhealthy snacks for kids

Air France to axe 5,100 jobs by 2013 as part of restructuring

Vietnamese lawmakers pass public smoking, tobacco advertising ban

U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson resigns over health reasons

Civil servants’ rising absenteeism costing Canadians $1 billion

Report: 5.8 unemployed people for every Canadian job vacancy

Did Liberal MPs give Nazi salutes to Canadian PM Stephen Harper?

Zimbabwe admits private army firm has 40% stake in diamond mine

Jason Kenney says in email Alberta Deputy Premier is an ‘a–hole’

Google seeking to shut down YouTube-to-MP3 conversion websites

Vintage, modern exotic cars roll into Toronto for Father’s Day

If Ont. Premier calls an election get ready for Doug Ford to run

Top 6 wacky taxes in the U.S.

Will Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty call a summer election?

Nokia cuts 10,000 jobs, closes factories in cost-saving measures

Dollarama to introduce $3 items as part of ‘natural evolution’

Bob Rae confirms he will not seek Canada’s Liberal leadership

Let’s Pizza lets you order pizza from a vending machine in U.S.

Will the UN impose a global Internet tax on Facebook, Google?

Majority of North Dakota voters reject abolishing property tax

Ontario New Democrats move to ban owners from getting waiter tips

Are cell phone data plans worth the cost?

Stephen Rollins: An independent candidate seeking the White House

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