Jun. 4 – Jun. 10 – In the news

Op-Ed: Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney big loss for freedom movement

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney for president

Longtime reporter Dan Rather: ‘Syria is Obama’s Rwanda moment’

Mayor: Toronto city council’s ban on plastic bags ‘dumbest thing’

Conservative MP urges Canada to withdraw from the United Nations

Tamils stage global protests against Rajapaksa Jubilee attendance

In Photos: D-Day Normandy Landings remembered at annual ceremony (video)

Al-Qaeda No. 2 leader Abu Yahya al-Libi killed in US drone strike

Did South Sudan officials steal $4 billion of state’s resources?

Canadian government to make key bath salts ingredient illegal

Is our universe inside a black hole? An inside look at new theory

Berlin police confirm arrest of Luka Rocco Magnotta

South Korea gives $80 million loan for Ethiopia-Sudan power plan

Danish court convicts four men over Muhammed cartoon terror plot

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