May 7 – May 13 – In the news

New Yahoo CEO reportedly stepping down amid resume controversy

Report: Toronto Mayor urges council to kill five-cent bag fee

Mitt Romney shies away from Ron Paul’s $1 trillion budget cuts

Health Minister: Ontario embarking on health care transformation (video)

Alberta PC Premier Alison Redford announces 18-member cabinet

Tories launch new attack against Thomas Mulcair, New Democrats

Why rip currents are dangerous

Retort to user from Canadian Prime Minister spokesperson sets Twitter abuzz

China, Zimbabwe trade doubles, calls for relaxed visas for Asians

U.S. Rep. wants to scale back $1 billion ‘free’ cellphone program

Group ends ad likening global warming proponents to terrorists

Ron Paul grabs majority of delegates in Nevada, Maine for RNC

Buddy Roemer running to build a country, stand up for Americans

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