Apr. 30 – May 6 – In the news

Glorious ‘Supermoon’ of 2012 lights up the night sky around globe

Ron Paul qualifies to put name on ballot at August’s RNC in Tampa

Study: Four white dwarf stars swallowing up Earth-like exoplanets

Supermassive black hole commits interstellar homicide to star

Farewell, Penny: The Mint to produce last one cent coin Friday

TTC begins its quarterly survey; receives a B grade for service

Malaysia introduces first minimum wage for private sector workers

May Day in Toronto: No bankers, borders, bosses or capitalism

Venus to cross face of sun in a once-in-a-lifetime event in June

Report: Toronto officers urged to write ‘book’ of tickets per day

Milky Way kicks out 700 stars, discovered in intergalactic space

Texas Governor Rick Perry eyes 2016 run for the White House

Socratic reporter Jan Helfeld challenges politicos in interviews

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