My Favorite Interviews of 2022

It was a busy year for me at The Epoch Times and Liberty Nation. I’ve been really proud of the growth of my Swamponomics TV and the terrific guests I interviewed in 2022.

Hopefully, Peter Schiff and David Stockman will be my next guests, but I can only pray to the heavens this happens.

It would take a miracle for Elon Musk and Tulsi Gabbard to make an appearance.

Anyway, here are my favorite interviews of 2022:

The Epoch Times

Peter Schiff Warns US Economy Will Spend Decade in ‘Inflationary Depression’

Judy Shelton: Fed Can Only ‘Kill the Economy’ With ‘Whatever It Takes’ Approach

Mike Davis: Inflation, Recession Fears Weighing on US Business Activity

Art Laffer: How the Top Investors Are Trading the Market

Liberty Nation

EXCLUSIVE: Carol Roth on America’s War on Small Business – Part 1

EXCLUSIVE: Carol Roth Dissects America’s Inflation Problem – Part 2

Ron Paul: Biden’s Inflation Nation – Part 1 – Swamponomics

Ron Paul: Fed Up with the Federal Reserve – Part 2 – Swamponomics

Ron Paul: On the Road to Recession – Part 3 – Swamponomics – Special Edition

Jim Rogers: Next Recession Will Be Worst in My Lifetime – Swamponomics – Special Edition

LN Exclusive with Fergus Hodgson: Can the Fed Fight Inflation?

Daniel Mitchell: Bidenomics: Government, Government Everywhere – Swamponomics – Special Edition

Of course, I’m also quite proud of the Liberty Nation video editing team for making a new opening for Swamponomics:


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