My Predictions That Came True

It is remarkable to see everything unfold so rapidly in real time.


Oil prices.


Digital money.

There is so much happening that it can be challenging for many of us to grasp, especially with how busy we all are.

After having a conversation with one of my colleagues, I realized that many of the trends occurring today were predicted in some of my articles since COVID-19.

Here are a few of the predictions that came true:

March 2020: Brace For The COVID-19 Inflation Tsunami

April 2020: How Negative Interest Leads To Double-Digit Rates

May 2020: Will COVID-19 Reset The Global Monetary Order?

October 2020: Is A Federal Reserve Digital Currency Frankenstein Economics? – Swamponomics

March 2021: Is $100 Oil Next? – Swamponomics

And, of course, many of the digital money developments happening were predicted in my 2015 book “The War On Cash.”


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