My Favorite Articles of 2020

Goodbye 2020. We hardly knew ‘ye.

Will 2021 be any better? It has to be. It just has to be!

That said, as many of us do, the final days of the year are spent looking back. So, what better time than to share my favorite articles of 2020?

Most of my picks are from Liberty Nation.

Here we go (in no particular order):

Tone-Deaf Left Targets Beethoven

Will COVID-19 Reset The Global Monetary Order?

Wall Street Is A Potemkin Village Void Of Sanity

The Morality Crusade Is Short On Action

It’s A Woke Intellectual’s World Now

Is China Invading The US Through Greenfield Investments?

Is Elder Abuse The Real Nursing-Home Crisis?

Money Crisis: How to Economise During a Pandemic

Dead Or Alive – NK’s Kim Jong-Un – Liberty Nation Exclusive

8 Ways the Future of Payments Are Changing


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