The Last Woman Standing – My 5 Favorite Olivia de Havilland Films

I just learned that actress Olivia de Havilland passed away. She was one of the last few actors/actresses from that era. There isn’t really anybody left, except perhaps Kim Novak. But from the studio system, de Havilland was the last one.

So, what were some of my favorite films of hers? There were just too many to list. I will do my best to pick my five favorites from her huge collection of films:

1. The Heiress | 1949

2. The Snake Pit | 1948

3. Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte | 1964

4. Lady in a Cage | 1964

5. Captain Blood | 1935

There were plenty of other good ones, such as “To Each His Own” and “Strawberry Blonde,” but I think these stand out the most to me.

With “Captain Blood,” I don’t really care about pirate pictures, but this Errol Flynn picture was entertaining.

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