Kirk Douglas is Dead at 103 – My 5 Favorite Films

Kirk Douglas was a unique thespian that possessed an incredible screen presence. Even in his early days of The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, you could see that he had a knack for acting, whether it was in a supporting role or a featured part.

He was as fierce in the pictures as his good buddy, Burt Lancaster, and as memorable as James Cagney. But there was only one Kirk Douglas; nobody could replicate him.

It’s sad to think that there are only a few people left from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Olivia De Havilland will probably be the next one to go.

Most young people today will only know Douglas from Spartacus, but he has an extensive body of work.

These are my five favorite films that featured Kirk Douglas (in no particular order):

  • “Ace in the Hole”
  • “The Detective Story”
  • “The Paths of Glory”
  • “A Town Without Pity”
  • “Bad and the Beautiful”

Champion was an underrated boxing film and definitely a superb film.

Here is a clip of just how great he was:



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