My Favorite Woody Allen Movies Not ‘Annie Hall’ or ‘Manhattan’

Lately, when I get the opportunity, I try to watch clips from Woody Allen pictures. Perhaps it brings me back to my teen years when I wanted to watch every Allen picture I could get my hands on.

It’s impossible to watch them these because the twins are a lot of work and they drain all your energy that you can’t pay attention to something longer than 15 minutes before you fall asleep.

After viewing these scenes on YouTube, it had me thinking what his best films are. Everyone will either cite “Annie Hall” or “Manhattan,” which are both incredible endeavors, from the story to the cinematography to the acting.

But he has plenty of other gems that omitted from the average person’s “best Woody Allen movie.”

So, here are his top five pictures that are not named “Annie Hall” nor “Manhattan” (in no particular order):

1. “Husbands and Wives”

2. “Hannah and Her Sisters”

3. “Deconstructing Harry”

4. “Stardust Memories”

5. “Match Point”

What I find interesting is that a lot of these films are taken, er, in homage to other classic films. “Stardust” was Allen’s take on “8 1/2” and “Match Point” was mostly ripped off from “A Place in the Sun.”

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