21 Things That Make Life Worth Living

This weekend, I was watching (or trying to anyway if the twins were quiet) Woody Allen’s classic 1979 motion picture, “Manhattan.” It is definitely one of my favorite Allen films, and sometimes I think it is superior to “Annie Hall.”

Anyway, there is an iconic scene that features Allen’s character list what makes life worth living.

Considering how I don’t feel so hot from the permanent cloud cast over the city and living on 3.5 hours of sleep every day, it got me thinking to make a list that would perhaps boost my mood.

So, here are 21 things that make life worth living (in no particular order):

1. Murder mysteries (preferably Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler)

2. Tim Hortons’ apple fritters and dark roast coffee

3. Johann Strauss’s “Wiener Blut”

4. Classic movies (anything from the silent era to the mid-1960s)

5. Opera

6. Royal gala apples

7. Autumn weather (cloudy, cool, rainy)

8. The Boston Red Sox

9. October baseball (or fall ball)

10. William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line”

11. Suspense Radio

12. Sushi Gen, a Japanese restaurant in uptown Toronto

13. Strawberry Nice Cream (Vega protein powder)

14. My wife’s cooking

15. Walking during spring sunsets

16. Jazz FM’s Big Band Sunday Night (only when Glenn Woodcock plays vintage swing and jazz until the 1950s)

17. Mid-afternoon naps

18. The Marx Brothers

19. “Seinfeld”

20. “The Simpsons”

21. Crosswords

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