My 300th Article at Liberty Nation

Time flies when you’re having fun.

I was looking through my library of content at and I realized that I have already penned 300 articles. That’s quite a bit.

My 300th piece was “The Left Wants to Share Profits – But What About the Losses?

Here is an excerpt:

When Anton Drexler founded the National Socialist German Workers’ Party in February of 1920, he and Adolf Hitler published a 25-point program that consisted of a wide variety of socialist proposals that would radically transform the German economy. The Nazis proposed nationalizing “very big corporations,” abolishing “all income that does not arise from work,” expropriating land from owners without compensation for the common good, and guaranteeing a job for every citizen.

There was another key concept in the Nazi putsch of the 1920s: “Big industrial companies should share their profits with the workers.” Do any of these sound familiar?

In recent years, populations have become increasingly resentful and envious of corporations, executives, and billionaires, and this resentment has been exploited by big government progressives seeking power. And, thus, profit-sharing has turned into a viable public policy prescription for the antipathy and jealousy of the electorate.

Just take a gander at the last few years.

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