A New Saul Alinsky Series for Liberty Nation (Updated)

Liberty Nation has assigned me a new weekly series about Saul Alinsky and his 12 rules from his 1971 seminal book, Rules for Radicals.

The series looks at how the left is using Alinsky’s rules for dominate politics, pummel the right into submission, and win the culture war.

This has been an interesting series for me thus far, and I am looking forward to completing nine (the third installment will be published this week).

Here are the parts so far (updates will be here):

Rule 1: The Democrats Love Affair With Saul Alinsky: Part 1

Rule 2: Saul Alinsky: Will The Left Ever Leave The Bubble?

Rule 3: Leftist Love Affair With Saul Alinsky: Divide And Conquer

Rule 4: Alinksy, The Left, And Conservative Intelligence

Rule 5: Ridicule: Alinsky’s Political Weapon

Rule 6: Idiot’s Guide To Protesting: Get Drunk And Scream

Rule 7: Saul Alinsky: Russia, Racism, Repeat – Media Develops The Narrative

Rule 8: Saul Alinsky: No Need for Facts

Rule 9: Trump is Literally Hitler, Republicans Are the Spawn of Satan

Rule 10: The Bigger the Lie the More Will Believe It

Rule 11: Saul Alinsky: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

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