An Examination of Trade, Tariffs in Age of Donald Trump

Over at, I have published multiple articles relating to tariffs and free trade since President Donald Trump entered the Oval Office.

It is truly remarkable how the principles of free trade need to be reiterated again and again. Eighteenth century trade practices are still being embraced today, even though they have been proven to be failures.

Here are my articles examining trade and tariffs in the age of Trump:

Trump Tariffs and the Oil Boom

Steel Talk: Did Productivity Kill Steel Jobs?

Finding the Balance on Trump’s Tariffs

Tariffs Push Cohen Overboard

Trade Wars Always Claim American Victims

Trump’s Tariffs: Point-Counter Point

Trump Warms up to Protectionist Tariffs

Heavily Subsidized Boeing Whines About Bombardier’s Government Aid

Harsh Duties on Chinese Aluminum Foil by U.S. Hurts American Poor

Was Trump’s Canadian Tariff Actually a Bad Idea?

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