Neocon Revenge: I talk neocons, left merger on RT’s ‘CrossTalk’

Earlier this week, I published an article on titled “Neocons and Left Both Want War.” I talk about how the neoconservatives and the left have converged over the last six months…but the neocons’ influence has been immense in both parties for years.

Here is my appearance on Russia Today’s “CrossTalk”:

Here is also an excerpt from my piece:

War seems to be an addiction for some and a simple political tool for others. Both philosophies were put on full display last week as neocons and liberals alike converged for their own purposes. It has been an interesting time in U.S. politics in the months following the 2016 presidential election. Over the last half-year, Trump Derangement Syndrome has been ubiquitous in the media landscape and in political discourse. The hysteria over both President Trump and Russia has been comical, but also troubling, as American lives may be at jeopardy over these ridiculous accusations.

In today’s hostile political environment, if you aren’t bashing President Trump and demanding impeachment all day on Twitter, then you’re not only a Trump apologist but a puppet of the Kremlin as well. Whether you’re watching the Counterfeit News Network or reading The Washington Com-Post, you’re inundated with the opinions of ideologues and pundits who continually purport that Russian President Vladimir Putin is LITERALLY HITLER. If you disagree with them, then you’re just like the Nazi apologists of the 1930s, dontcha know.

Last week, the American people witnessed the convergence of neocons and liberals, both of which have an interest in launching a war against Russia.

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