A New Trend: No Longer Using CNN as a Source for Content

A new trend has been occurring over the last several months: more and more people don’t want to use CNN as a source. Whether it is because CNN has lost all credibility or because it constantly reports fake news, issues retractions or makes big mistakes, many clients of mine refuse to have a CNN link in their content.

Every month, I work with dozens of clients producing content. The content ranges from blog posts to white papers to journalistic articles. These clients all have the same thing in common: they want in-depth, supported and well-written content.

But many, not all, of my clients are now making an interesting request: do not use CNN. They’ve never said that about any other website or publication before.

Ostensibly, clients don’t want it in their work because the Counterfeit News Network isn’t necessarily a legitimate news source anymore.

I’ve really been surprised by this new development. I have been professionally writing for about a decade ago and this is something completely new to me.

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