My magnum opus of 2015? New article delves into contract, temp workers

Here is an excerpt from one of my latest articles published by TimeDoctor:

In the future, will employees become extinct?

All over the world, from the United States to Japan, businesses of all sizes – corporations and small enterprises – are gradually phasing out the employee.

Contractual workers are becoming the norm, while firms are taking on freelancers.

Crowdsourcing the New Reality in Labor Market

Uber is the latest sensation in the marketplace.

The ride-sharing app allows consumers to save money on transportation, while the drivers earn a little bit of extra cash.

Of course, the drivers aren’t employees but rather contractors. The real number of staffers at Uber is 2,000, compared to the estimated 160,000 contractors picking up passengers worldwide.

It isn’t just Uber that is contributing to the dismissal of the conventional employee and embracing the so-called 1099 economy.

Amazon recently made headlines after it was reported that the online retail juggernaut is considering incorporating an Uber-like delivery service into its business model.

The company would crowdsource drivers to drop off packages at customers’ residences or businesses. Details of the project – pay, fees, launch date – remain unknown

Other popular and successful crowdsourced services include Deliv, Instacart, GrubHub and Google Express. Even Wal-Mart mulled over the idea of launching a crowdsourced delivery service in 2013, but the retail giant quickly put the concept on hold.

Crowdsourcing isn’t the only factor to consider when discussing the demise of the employee.

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