2014 promotion, Toronto mayoral election and more


From now until Nov. 30, 2014, I will be running a new promotion for my services.

If you refer a client to me and they order at least five articles then you get 10 percent off your next order with me. If they order at least 10 articles then you get an even bigger discount of 15 percent.

Toronto mayoral election

Unfortunately, I have not been covering this year’s mayoral election in Toronto at all. I do miss being on the campaign trail from time to time, but I have been very busy with my long list of clients and other websites contacting me for services. I have interviewed a couple of candidates: David Soknacki (mayor) and David Sparrow (city council)

As you can see from my list of articles, I covered the previous mayoral race (here are just a few of my articles from the 2010 election: Meet the Toronto city council candidates: Mohamed Dhanani, Toronto Yorkville mayoral debate: Night of catchphrases, jabs and Meeting the Toronto mayoral candidates: Rob Ford.)

Other news

I recently added an Austrian Economics resource section on Economic Collapse News. This is meant to somewhat mimic the Mises Institute, though it would be very difficult to do the kind of impeccable work they do on a daily basis. During the holiday weekend, I completed a mini-bio section on some of the best Austrian Economists from the past and present. It’s the first edition and more will be coming in addition to other reference pages.

I recently purchased a brand new computer (finally, after seven years!) and it has a lot of new features and functions. Therefore, I will be updating my list of services in the New Year. Be on the lookout for that.

In the meantime, you can check out my daily work at Career Addict, PFHub, Economic Collapse News and elsewhere.


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