Feb. 10 – Feb. 16 Articles

“The Bitcoaster We’ve Grown to Love and Hate”, A Bitcoin Story

3 benefits of owning gold instead of bitcoins

IRS to receive 40% share from U.S. Sochi Olympic medalists

Subway changes their bread recipe at a food blogger’s urging

Researchers find peanut food allergies are on the rise

Can kids use a tablet before writing their name, tying their shoes?

Norway – A rich country without any gold holdings

New York hedge fund generates $5 million in bitcoin deposits in three days, ‘expect to multiply tenfold’

Is Bitcoin the technology of the future? “Over the next 5 years I think digital money will catch on”, Bill Gates

Janet Yellen reaffirms commitment to QE tapering despite poor labor market

Banksters (JPMorgan) continue their assault to undermine Bitcoin to no avail

2014 Canadian federal budget addresses ‘emerging risks’ like bitcoin

Is Atlanta’s ‘snowpocalypse’ panic a depiction of societal collapse?

Bitcoin desperately needs a transparent US exchange – could government regulation help

Youth Should Begin to Save for Retirement Now

Millionaires say saving early, regularly the key to personal wealth creation

Anti-money laundering legislation is deterring gold dealers from accepting bitcoin as payment

Bitcoin bubble or new all time high with malleability resolution – you be the judge

America Impoverished: Census data shows Americans falling in and out of poverty

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