Nov. 5 – Nov. 11 – In the news

Ron Paul on Election: ‘We’re so far gone, we’re over the cliff

Analysts predict massive inflation, $2300 gold by 2014

Chris Matthews: ‘I’m so glad we had that storm last week’

Obama victory to lead to economic collapse, economists predict

Op-Ed: Top five United States presidential election night media moments

Report: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama presidential campaigns spent $30.33 per second

Kathleen Wynne stresses centrist stance in Liberal leadership bid (video)

From Savings to Working From Home: Five advantages of a down economy

The Economics of Faust: Why it takes willpower to be fiscally prudent

Neglecting the Piggy Bank: Why households aren’t saving in recession

European Central Bank publishes paper on private currencies, cites Austrian economists

Op-Ed: Sorry, Keynesians, Hurricane Sandy is not great for the economy

London Mayor supporting Living Wage 25p increase to £8.55 an hour

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