Sept. 17 – Sept. 23 – In the news

Toronto Mayor denies his family company jumped queue to fix road

Canada’s Walk of Fame honours 1972 Summit Series team with star (video)

Return of the Olympians: Thousands commemorate Canada’s athletes

Herman Cain says he would have ‘substantial lead’ against Obama

Report: Current, future federal regulations costing businesses $1.8 trillion annually

Poll finds most Canadians confess to cheating the CRA taxman

Does the mafia influence Ontario’s politicians, justice system?

Marc Faber, Gov. Rick Perry call for resignation of Ben Bernanke

Parti Quebecois takes down Canadian flag at Quebec legislature

Ontario New Democrats surging in the polls, Liberals lose support

Former Bush insider David Frum tackles U.S. politics in new novel

Ron Paul: Fed QE3 announcement shows ‘disastrous detachment from reality’

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