Jul. 16 – Jul. 22 – In the news

Will Warner Bros. cancel screenings of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Former President George W. Bush not attending GOP convention

French MPs wolf-whistle over Housing Minister wearing a dress

Taiwanese teen dies at Internet cafe after 40-hour game marathon

Zimbabwe cuts spending to 2012 budget, proposes major changes

Tennessee GOP groups ‘condemning’ governor over Muslim, gay staff

Mayor insists Toronto is safe, job creation remedy to shootings (video)

In Photos: Caribbean Carnival sizzles Toronto

Fans in uproar over negative ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ reviews

No Double-Double for Goldman Sachs? Firm downgrades Tim Hortons

Nova Scotia government to invest $16.5 million in Jazz Aviation

ECB Report: Euro counterfeiting on the decline, reasons unknown

How to develop a plan to save for early retirement

How to make reading fun for reluctant readers

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