Apr. 2 – Apr. 8 – In the news

Mike Wallace of ’60 Minutes’ dead at 93, CBS to air special Sun.

Libertarians bring Ron Paul Revolution up north with Liberty Fest

Qzina opens training, R&D facility for chocolatiers, pastry chefs

Newt Gingrich Healthcare Think Tank Group Files for Bankruptcy

Study: Cosmic dust could be significant factor in climate change

Harper budget forces CBC to cut staff by 650, original TV shows

Interim Liberal leader demands for Canadian Prime Minister’s resignation

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wants city as clean as a ‘new $5 bill’ (video)

Mitt Romney Scores Primary Hat-Trick

French millionaires could be hit with 75% tax if Socialist candidate elected

Bell Canada, Aliant seeking to charge $1 for local payphone use

Will the Wildrose Party merge Alberta, Saskatchewan if elected?

Study: 60% of deaths in Ontario attributed to 5 unhealthy habits

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson to Appear on Colbert Report

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