Mar. 12 – Mar. 18 – In the news

GOP Puerto Rico Primary Results: Mitt Romney takes big early lead

Confusion and Chaos take over Missouri’s Saturday Caucus

Ron Paul Raises $3.27 Million in February; Polls Show he can Defeat Pres. Obama

Rush Limbaugh launches Twitter account, mobilizes supporters

Did the Independent candidates win final Toronto-Danforth debate? (videos)

Poll: Ontario Liberals hold lead over Tim Hudak’s Conservatives

Ways social media will impact the 2012 presidential election

Rick Santorum Wants Puerto Rico to Make English Official Language Before Joining U.S.

Federal Reserve launches Twitter channel, Tweet monetary policy

Goldman Sachs exec resigns, says firm labels clients as ‘muppets’

Study: 1% of Canadians hold very favourable view of politicians

Bank of Canada wants policies to restrain free market, incomes

Did Ron Paul or Mitt Romney win the U.S. Virgin Islands caucus?

Canadians rally nationwide to protest robocall, demand inquiry

Smartest things to do with your tax refund

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