Jan. 9 – Jan. 15 – In the news

Occupy Nigeria Toronto protesters fight for more than ‘Goodluck’ (videos)

Did CNN change its own rules to allow Rick Perry in its debate?

Is Vermin Supreme the next President of the United States?

Toronto Councillor: If you have kids you’re responsible for them

Astronomers discover twin-sun planets 5,000 light-years away

New Hampshire GOP Primary Results: Romney wins, Paul second

Save a Cat at the Toronto Cat Rescue Adopt-a-thon

Is Toronto’s Eglinton & Laird a ‘danger zone’ for pedestrians?

Moons of the solar system: Phobos

Did CBS purposely exclude Rep. Paul from report, poll graphic?

How micro black holes could exist

Canadian NDP set to select successor in Jack Layton’s riding

Is GO Transit on track to increase its fares by 30-40 cents?

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