Sept. 26 – Oct. 9 – In the news

Gravitational redshift explained

Ontario Election 2011 Results – Liberals to form next government

Millions around the world mourn Apple pioneer Steve Jobs’ death

Zombies Set to Invade Toronto in October [TORONTO]

City Councillor floats idea of Toronto becoming its own province

Ont. NDP Leader has ‘no tricks up sleeve’ ahead of Election Day

Census Bureau ranks Reading, Pennsylvania as the poorest populace in America

Op-Ed: COC performs dazzling production of Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto’

GOP Pres. Candidate Ron Paul raises $5 million in third quarter

Canadian Tamils weigh in on this year’s Ontario General Election

Autumn in Toronto: Harvest Festivals and Events to Enjoy [TORONTO]

Gold ATM machine activated in China, 2,000 more to be installed

Sunspot 1302 unleashed towards Earth, detected on shortwave radio

*My apologies for not updating this portfolio, but I did not have access to the Internet for one weekend and I was completely busy catching up on work.*

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