Aug. 8 – Aug. 14 – In the news

Naughty & Nice: Village embraces its sexual side at Toronto fair

Thousands remember India’s independence, event met with protests

Republican Tim Pawlenty ends US presidential bid after straw poll

Part of Yonge subway line shut down in Toronto, creates delays

Plot summary: Blithe Spirits, by Noel Coward

Chinese authorities find 22 more fake Apple Stores in Kunming

Planet blacker than coal, the size of Jupiter discovered by Kepler spacecraft

Toronto Mayor receives more death threats on Twitter, Facebook

An overview of video scams on Facebook

Plot summary: An Enemy of the People, by Henrik Ibsen

Researchers find that Earth does not need a moon to maintain complex life

Canada’s Liberals up in the polls, NDP, Tories take a minor dip

A look at Kenneth Branagh’s directing career

Study finds teen Facebook addicts can develop narcissism

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