Oct. 18 – Oct. 24 – In the news

Nasty election signs appear in Toronto day before election

Plague hits thousands as zombies march the streets of Toronto (video)

Toronto mayoral hopeful Ford wins support from low-educated voters

Survivors of sexual abuse ‘take back the night’ in Toronto (video)

Strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake rocks Mexico

Meet the Toronto city council candidates: Mohamed Dhanani

Adulterous Chilean miner offered $100,000 by AshleyMadison.com

Galaxy UDFy-38135539: Universe’s most senior citizen discovered

Meet the Toronto city council candidates: Jon Burnside

Astrophysicists: Time, universe will end in 3.7 billion years

Ontario Liberals claim Hudak billed taxpayers $576 for TV, coffee

NATO official says Bin Laden ‘living comfortably’ in Pakistan

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