Sept. 13 – Sept. 19 – In the news

Congressman Mike Pence wins latest 2012 conservative straw poll

Global rallies to free ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery, stop Bill S-10

Tamils protest outside U.S. Consulate over Rajapaksa policies, UN

Harvey Keitel, Jason Jones premiere latest film at TIFF (video)

A new look at cyborg astronauts colonizing the solar system

Oslo most expensive city in the world, Toronto joins top ten list

Group offers $100,000 for info leading to arrest of Karl Rove

‘Original civil rights photographer’ was an informant for FBI

Gold hits record high at $1,275.20, silver continues year-highs

British Columbia to hold referendum on HST in September 2011

Cuba to cut 500,000 state jobs, will allow private sector jobs

Stephen Hawking: We might be in some giant goldfish bowl

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